Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System

How does the system work?

Sistem Nasıl Çalışıyor Animasyonu İzleyin

The Arvento Mobile Data Devices installed in the vehicles transmit the location data received from the GPS satellites and temperature and similar telemetric data received from related sensors to the Arvento Control and Communication Center via GSM/GPRS network. The data received is compiled by means of special softwares and saved in the data bank of Arvento servers.

The clients can monitor their vehicles on Arvento Vehicle Tracking and Management Software installed on their computers or on-line or retrospectively by on Arvento’s web pages and see the information coming from the vehicles and change the program and alarm conditions of the vehicles.

Optionally, the entire system, including the control and the communication center, can also be installed on the clients’ side.

 With Arvento Vehicle Tracking Systems

"Your vehicles are always under your control"

You can track your vehicles on your computer by using GPS satellites; monitor their speeds, routes, stop locations and stop durations on digital maps and receive detailed reports on your vehicles’ daily usage.


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